Pilgrimages to Poland

Dear pilgrims, worshipers of the Divine Mercy!

The Holy Year of the Divine Mercy has finished, but the Divine Mercy is still ongoing. Therefore, we would like to invite you to a special pilgrimage following the footprints of the Divine Mercy, during which we will visit the places connected in a special way with St. Sister Faustina as well as the Divine Mercy worship, but not only… During a single pilgrimage we will visit places both in Poland and in Lithuania.

We are a Catholic Diocesan Travel – Pilgrimage Agency complying with all the legal requirements in regard to organizing such tours. We have already gained experience in arranging pilgrimages for American tourists both across Poland and Italy. All parishes, church organizations and travel offices are warmly welcome to cooperation.

Attached are two pilgrimage outlines.

Fr. Marek Paluszkiewicz, director.

Attached files: